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Complete your tea-drinking experience with a handcrafted Zero Japan tea cup or mug. Offered in a range of style and colours, these are sure to suit any type of tea drinker-:

Teacups: As beautiful to hold as they are to drink from are the tall Zero Japan teacups with a bright gloss finish.
Teacups and Saucers: These cute little hand crafted teacup and saucer sets are designed for complete balance and harmony in a range of colours to suit a Zero Japan teapot.
Tea Mugs: The latest creation from Zero Japan are these beautiful mugs with a perfectly balanced and hand crafted handle. Start your day in style with a big nurturing cuppa!

An Ancient Tradition infused with modern design
Koji Inoue was working at a Japanese porcelain manufacturer when he first thought of creating his own range of teaware, now known as Zero Japan. In designing Zero Japan, Koji was driven by the Japanese pursuit of balance. All elements of the range must work in harmony with each other.

The Design and Colours
The beautiful colours of the Japanese markets are the inspiration behind the range of colours used in Zero Japan. With a choice of colours and a contemporary and stylish design, there is teaware to suit all tastes and requirements.

The Process of Making the Teacups and Mugs
The moulds for the Zero Japan range of teacups and mugs are all handcrafted. Once moulded, during the "greenware" stage, they are allowed to air dry before being placed into the prebake kiln. The second stage is called the "bisque firing" which takes place at 800 degrees celsius for 6 hours. Following this firing process the unglazed teacups and mugs are checked and cleaned by experienced staff one by one. The "glazing stage" is a very precise process to ensure the thickness of the glaze and the colours are perfect. This stage is completed under the supervision of skilled artisans with over 25 years of experience.

Teacup Green 190mls
$13.60  $10.20
Teacup Black 190mls
$13.60  $10.20
6 Results
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