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A little bit about us…..
Having been established for 11 years, we pride ourselves on providing a unique, natural and premium quality product. We source organic, wild-crafted and pesticide-free ingredients that have been grown on small, sustainable farms and plantations where there is the upmost-care for the environment and these are then hand-blended into our teas in the lush, green rolling hills of the Byron Bay hinterland. The combination of tea, herbs and other exotic elements creates a range of unique flavours to be savoured as you sip your way to optimum health.

Below is a summary of what we offer-:
NATURAL INGREDIENTS- Organic, wild-crafted & pesticide-free ingredients used and no use of flavourings or pesticides- for example real berries and real vanilla bean.
PROFITABLE TEA SERVICE SOLUTION- It costs between 10-20 cents to make a pot of loose tea and between 25-43 cents for a teabag, making this a cost effective option to offer your customers a tea with a difference.
REAL HEALTH BENEFITS- Created by Naturopath & Herbalist, Sarita Merlo, for health and wellbeing.
DIVERSE RANGE OF TEAS- We offer teas such as English Breakfast and Chai for the traditional tea drinker to Energy, Detox and Oolong for the more adventurous and health conscious tea drinker- thereby catering to all tastes and requirements.
RANGE OF PACKAGING OPTIONS- All teas are offered in seven different packaging styles to suit the tea service, retail and accommodation/conference environments.
LOOSE TEA & TEABAG OPTIONS- We offer loose tea, biodegradable pyramid teabags and conventional teabags for convenience.
BIODEGRADABLE PYRAMID TEABAGS- Our premium pyramid teabags are made from a material called Soilon that is a biodegradable corn-starch material- unlike many on the market made from a nylon-derivative.
ARTISAN TEAS- Our black, green, oolong and white teas are sourced from small, family-run farms that are situated at a high elevation in traditional tea growing countries such as Sri Lanka, India, China and Taiwan. Traditional farming practices are employed producing high quality teas (without the use of pesticides)- as opposed to commodity teas produced by big business.
MANY BREWING & SERVING OPTIONS- We offer a range of teaware to suit all settings and requirements.
POINT OF SALE & SALES SUPPORT- We provide promotional and point of sales material and can also assist you in creating a new and exciting tea menu to entice your customers.
EXCELLENT CUSTOMER SERVICE- We pride ourselves on providing our customers with an efficient, friendly and reliable service. We have been established now for eleven years and servicing customers all over Australia including cafes, restaurants, hotels, resorts, stores and more (some of them since we started!). 



ENERGY    (Green Tea & Berries)
CALMING    (Smooth Vanilla Flavour)
DIGEST  (Fresh Minty Flavour)
IMMUNITY      (Lemon Myrtle, Eucalyptus, Licorice & Ginger)
DETOX    (Cleansing Herbs & Warming Spices)
SKIN   (Zesty Peppermint, Lemongrass & GInger with a touch of rose)
GINGER ZING      (Lemongrass & Ginger)
BLACK MAGIC      (Licorice & Peppermint)
DANDYLICIOUS      (Roasted Dandelion, wattleseed & Cinnamon)


If you would like to become a BBTC retail stockist and be listed on our website, or serve the BBTC range of teas in your business, please contact us. Our customer service team look forward to discussing your tea requirements.
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