About Us : Byron Bay Tea Company
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About Us

In Search of A Good Cup of Herbal Tea....... 

As a naturopath and herbalist, I have an implicit interest in holistic health. And, I've always been an avid tea drinker. It's a habit inspired by these Indigenous communities and cultures all over the world, who have long appreciated the remedial qualities of tea and herbs. Prompted by the healing properties of herbs, and keen to turn a cultural tradition into modern-day practice I founded the Byron Bay Tea Company (BBTC) in 2004. 

For years I had brewed my own herbal teas using full-flowered ingredients plucked from my garden in Byron Bay. I took the process a little further with the development of a signature range oforganic herbal teas (including Energy, Calming, Digest, Immunity and Detox), which were launched under the BBTC moniker. By selecting the most beneficial parts of the highest quality plants – and blending them with a range of exotic spices, dried fruits and vanilla bean – I was able to create a tea-drinking experience that was as tasty as it was healthy. 

Encouraged by the overwhelming response from consumers, atraditional tea range soon followed. It proved as popular as its herbal predecessor and BBTC's product lines have continued to prosper ever since. A range of original herbal teas was recently added to our collection, along with an exquisite selection oforiental teas- inspired by the eastern traditions. 

From intimate market stalls to national prominence, the BBTC journey has been swift. We have been supplying many restaurants, cafes, resorts, retreats, food stores and more- from all around Australia for ten successful years. Today our tea range continues to evolve as we experiment with form and flavour. So whether you're a tea-time tenderfoot or a serious sipper, we trust you'll enjoy your BBTC cuppa. 

Enjoy your brew!

Sarita Merlo
Naturopath & BBTC Founder